Live in Koblenz – 03.09.2016

This is a live recording, the event took place in the Sparkasse in Koblenz at the Museum Night 2016. It was a very special performance for me, because a few days later I was scheduled for surgery. Although an easy and common surgery, I never had experienced this before, and I was shit scared that I might not wake up again from the anesthesia. So this might have been my very last live performance, and I tried to give my very best. No stage fright at all. What could happen anyway?

The cover was my first watercolour painting, I was trying to express my view of Koblenz, where the clean blue River Mosel flows into the dirty brown Rhine, being completely absorbed by it after a few meters. The fight of a small indiviual with different views and conceptions, trying not to be swallowed by consensus, average and mediocrity.

This is something of an "intermediate release", possibly Record #1 of the Gerdski Collectors Club.

Two pieces have not appeared on a release before, while the first and the last one are a part of my regular live set.

Enjoy. There's more to come...


Gerd Weyhing - Guitar, Tapping Guitar, Keyboards